Please consider how you might partner with us in prayer and financial support.

Financial Support

Why give to a missionary? This practice goes back to Paul and the first century Christians. The church set aside money to support Paul and his companions as they traveled around the known world (I Corinthians 9:1-18). One Mission Society has continued to practice faith missions, like this, since its beginning. Donations to missionaries allow work around the world to continue.

One Mission Society’s policies require us to be 100% funded before we can begin ministry with them. Would you commit to being a financial partner in our work of worship enrichment? The need is great, the task is large, and believe it or not, we’re not getting younger! We sense an urgency to begin the task. Time is of the essence!

If you would be willing to financially support our ministry, please click this button:



Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession.
(Psalm 2:8 ESV)

Prayer Requests: Ask God to bring answers to these needs.

  1. His provision of a partnership team in both the areas of funding and prayer. Ask him if he wants you to involved.
  2. The international worship consultant position is new, and we need God’s leading and vision for the strategy he desires in moving forward with this task.
  3. Protection from the enemy as we address issues related to Christian worship, an area that he likes to keep in turmoil.

As we obey God’s call, we move forward in confidence because we go in His authority and with His presence.

Prayer has a great deal to do with missions. Prayer is the handmaid of missions. The success of all real missionary effort is dependent on prayer. The life and spirit of missions are the life and spirit of prayer. Both prayer and missions were born in the divine Mind. Prayer and missions are bosom companions. Prayer creates and makes missions successful while missions leans heavily on prayer.
E.M. Bounds (1835–1913) a prayer warrior (from E.M. Bounds on Prayer)